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Default Re: Alternator Turbo Resonator Change OM647

Did you replace with a Bosch 150 amp?

I bought a Durolast 120 amp alternator from Autozone. That could be the problem - variances in manufacturing process and tolerance. It's in there and working, but I'm not thrilled about the housing being up against the engine block. I bought some GM shims and will loosen the 4 bolts, slide the shims between the mounting points and block, and take up the difference between the block mounts and alternator mounts. I don't think that 1/8" will cause a problem with belt tension. I want to ensure of a solid mount but also have clearance between the alternator and block.

Or, as Skydiver007 pointed out, it could be oriented the wrong way. I took off the 90 amp unit and installed the 120 amp unit exactly the same way. However, the 90 amp unit had been replaced a year and two months ago (only had a one year warranty). Perhaps it was installed incorrectly as well and I just compounded my problem.

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