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Default Re: 144 HR 2fer: two people, two bikes, two kayaks

We did a mini-roadtrip to test the half-insulated van.

Driving is vastly quieter with the bed mattress installed. Previously, sound was bouncing between the bare metal ceiling and the plywood bed platform, enhancing every noise.

Insulating the lower walls made a dramatic sound difference, but adding the bed mattress is probably equally effective.

In terms of heat on a sunny day, the roof is going to be the big influence. Even with the skylights covered, I can feel the heat radiating down from the bare metal ceiling, which is too hot to touch. It is very obvious which wall sections are insulated and which arenít, but this is a minor effect on a sunny day.

Covering the glass is the biggest heat effect so far, maybe five times more effective than the wall insulation. Doing anything at all to the ceiling will probably be as dramatic as covering the windows.

We are really looking forward to getting the vent holes done, as this will let us cool our rolling greenhouse down.
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