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Default Installing a CR Laurence window in the sliding door (continued)

With the cut lines established, I taped off the foot of the jigsaw and taped along the outside of the future opening. I drilled a large pilot hole and proceeded with the first cut. I started with the bottom edge, along the straight portion of the opening. I did this because I thought it would be the best way to get a feel for technique, where I was standing firmly on the ground and with a good view of the cut.


After completing the bottom cut, I worked my way around the perimeter. I went slow, and stopped occasionally to check the foot of the jigsaw for metal debris. I retaped several times along the length of each cut.


Once the straight cuts were complete, I moved into the corners. As mentioned earlier, I decided to drill more holes along the curves in order to more accurately describe the line to which I would cut. With the variable speed jigsaw, set to zero thrust cutting, I was able to negotiate the tightest corners. The most difficult part was supporting the metal cut-out once a few of the corners were free. In hindsight, I should have cut the bottom corners first, which would have allowed the cut-out piece to hang within the opening, rather than flopping over.


The completed cut, awaiting clean-up, primer, and paint.



More to follow...
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