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Default Re: Fuel Tank Coil Rusty Wye Fittings

So I've been carrying around a part that won't fit?!?!?!?


Sorry for any misinformation about parts, but it's what I was supplied from the Dodge dealership.

One of the reasons that I have yet to replace the 2004 crusty looking fittings was that the access and parts change looked to be a bit of a pain.

One answer to the problem is to use 3 ea. long(er) hoses and route the fuel hose out to a traditional Tee fitting. Alternatively, it looks like either a Wye or Tee fitting should install on 2 legs with no problem. A long hose loop can be used for the leg that doesn't align properly.
If OEM isn't possible, and the long hose loop method is necessary, 3/8" barb Tee fitting are more common locally than are Wye fittings.
Additional reflection:
It may make sense to install an equal leg Y fitting in a backwards facing orientation. That should allow the loop hose to fit into the space available and maybe use less hose.

JB Weld will seal the hole shown center in the previous post picture, and also the other hole in progress up by the white dot.

Please let us know if the removed part is 5/16"... 3/8" or some other SAE equivalent size.

Anyone want to buy some brand new, unused OEM packaged dealership fuel parts for their T1N Sprinter?


If it is 5/16"


Jegs carries some parts.

Every Jegs web page contains this note. Be aware.
"Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations"

This picture shows the possible alignment for 2 ea. legs.
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