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Default Re: Window Regulator Fix

Originally Posted by ohlsonmh View Post
After reading a lot of things here & on Youtube, we just bent the arm toward the outside of the door - it's pretty springy so we put a block of wood behind it & then used a pipe-wrench for leverage and bent it so that it holds the stud in the window-bottom track where the broken plastic slide used to be. The window rides up & down on the stud, rather than a 'fancy' slide.

Works great. No cost. Hardest part was getting the door panel back on.

We were just about to leave on a trip and my window dropped down and wouldn't raise. Found the video on YouTube and thought that the Sprinter Forum must have a simpler fix than going to the trouble of bending the arm. :)

Thinking about trying a zip tie to hold the two halves of the plastic piece in place. And bending the arm. If I can't get a zip tie in there easily, then just the bent arm.

Edit: got it done with a small zip tie around the plastic piece that broke. But after bending the arm, the zip tie is superfluous - the arm is now pressing tightly into the track on its own accord and there's no way it's going to come out of the track.

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