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Default Re: Installing a CR Laurence window in the sliding door

Putting in my experience since this thread really helped me with the install today.

2011 2500 170 Passenger - driver side window had the CRL (or factory / dealer?) emergency exit window in it when I bought it. Just replaced it today with the CRL T-vents.

Fit and finish not awesome - center gap on the T-vent windows don't match the rear gap and the rear top and bottom don't align. But... could be worse. After reading a bunch of reviews, it seems this isn't uncommon. I was concerned at first that the rear t-vent window would hit the center panel; but as it all snugged in, it's fine.

With me and my two boys working together, we held it in place from the outside - against the factory opening - and played with the position until we felt pretty sure it would work and look decent.

Held the interior trim up to the window until the alignment looked good and drilled pilot holes into the channel and put a screw into each - starting at center sides, then center top and bottom, then filling in between. Only got them to bite a bit - maybe a few threads in - and moved on to the next one. Didn't tighten any screws until they were all started. Then went back through and half-way in for all - in a similar pattern. The window started to seat itself well. Finally, screwed them tight - following similar pattern - and the trim sucked all the way to the window for a strong seal. Snugged them all tight with the impact driver and it looks pretty good.

We live in southern California, so not much rain here to test. Maybe we'll throw a hose on it to see that it's good. But it seems fine.

Not that anyone else is likely to have this same issue; but since the emergency-exit window had screws going through the top metal, we taped them shut with metal-backed ducting tape. I've used that stuff on surfboards and had it stay sealed for years, so I'm pretty confident it'll work. There was no exposed metal (was all painted), so only worried about possible leaks.

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