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Default Re: Some 2004 Espar Heater Notes

DIY Espar Reset

Apparently a reset can be accomplished without a scan tool or control head communication. Thanks goes to SkyGypsy.

Originally Posted by SkyGypsy View Post
If the unit doesn't start, then you can clear and reset the unit by powering it up, then pulling the fuses underneath the driver seat. I have done this several times and gone from no response to startup in moments.

I have done a full overhaul on my unit. I should post a write up on it. I have the factory manual, maybe I will post it on my website for others to download.
I have not tried the above.
I assume you pull the 25 and 10 amp fuses labelled for the heater.

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
It just occurred to me for the BOOSTER Heater. The engine may need definitely needs to be running with the bowtie (bacon) switch activated before pulling the fuses (25 and 10 amp) under the driver seat for the reset attempt. Until the conditions for enable are in place (engine running, bowtie switch on), pulling and replacing the fuses may will not work for reset.


Burner Info in this post.

I'm looking for pricing on a new burner. I've dug up some information so I figured I'd update. My searching is specific for the early model year NAFTA or NAS 2004 Sprinter.

By Kubbie's model, the integral fuel pipe/"D" glow plug chamber carried on for Sprinters into 2006. I presume that at some point the Sprinter heaters have upgraded to the newer style fuel strainer glow plug ignition system.

Espar of Michigan Sprinter Type Parts

Hydronic D5S mod 25 2091 - 12 Volt.pdf

I've read that the OEM Sprinter heaters are not always supported by Espar. That is apparently not true.

This is the 2004 Sprinter heater style generic burner with Integral Fuel Pipe and "D" Glow Plug Chamber.

Burner with integral fuel pipe
Burner 25 1922 10 00 00 fits model 25 2009 05 and 25 2031 05 among others. (Looking good for my 2004. 100% certain that it is correct with integral fuel pipe.)
Another possible part number.
Eberspacher D5WSC 12v Hydronic Water Heater Burner with integral fuel pipe
Manuf. Number 252069100100 (or 25 2069 10 0100 ??)
Claimed to fit Hydronic D5 models 25 2098 05 0000, 25 2099 05 0000, 25 2083 05 0000, 25 1975 05 0000, 25 1920 05 0000 D5W

Gasket/Seal Set (19/13 Dichtungen)

New Description
Blower/Burner Seals ($15.90)

2 pieces in this part. There is a fairly thick paper gasket for the burner to Fan/Control Module Housing Assembly face connection and a graphited circular seal for the Burner to Water Jacket Combustion Chamber. This part is common to all D5 burners as far as I can determine. Approx. $20 at this writing.


It does not include the O-ring seal for the water jacket.
O-Ring 74x3mm D4/D5 Heat Exchanger
O-Ring for heat exchanger, Old P/N:320.75.104

(The O-ring is not needed for a burner cleaning or burner replacement. The 20.1820.99.0001.0A set is all that is needed for the burner R&R.)

The integral fuel pipe style unit glow plug can also be different. Mine has an integral cable assembly. The newer style fuel strainer type burner glow plug has terminal posts.
Glow Plug 25 2106 01 10 00 aka 25.2106.01.1000 with integral leads.

Edit: I ordered a 25.2216.10.0000 burner. 25.2216.10.0000.2C label on the box. The part inside box had 25 2149 10 00 02 stamped into the face. It does not have the integral fuel pipe at all. It uses the fuel strainer style. It is the reduced step fuel screen. There is also a no step straight strainer. So 25.2216.10.0000 aka 25 2149 10 00 02 is NOT the correct burner if you have the integral fuel pipe. Apparently the box number and metal stamped burner face number are equivalent parts.

Note: The original design of the integral fuel pipe burner included that the screen "wick" went over the 3/16" hole. One Espar tech commented that he had learned to poke that screen open so that it looks like the pictures below. He said with the screen across the hole the screen needs to be cleaned every couple years. You get longer service intervals with the screen not being across the hole.

"Wrong" Burner At least for my 2004. Fuel Strainer type, no integral fuel pipe.
I include this for the "D" chamber pictures.



As a reminder, this is what the burner with integral fuel pipe looks like. The pipe enters the face of the burner near the "D" glow plug chamber and continues through to the back.
25 1922 10 00 00

Espar2004Sprinter D5Burner.jpg

On another note.

Mercedes Benz recommends operating the Espar Booster and Aux Diesel Fired Heaters once per month to keep them operating properly. The U.S. government then mandated a temperature lockout which keeps the heater from operating until the ambient temperature is below 39F.

Edit: It seems that MB/U.S. Government didn't do that to owners until NAS 2010. Thanks goes to glas1700 and K-9 Sprinter for the info.

Originally Posted by glas1700 View Post
I think you said that you have an 06 van. If so and you have the MB installed ESPAR, it should start and run in any temperature as long as the engine coolant isn't up to normal operating temperature. ...
Originally Posted by K-9 SPRINTER View Post
yep ... temp control of above 39 degrees started in 2010
Originally Posted by Missouri Blue View Post
Here are Thermo King's part numbers:

gaskets: 83-360 (@ $19) (espar: 201820990001)
o-ring: 83-319 (@$4) (espar: 221000700002)
glow pin:84-1059 (@$130) (espar: 252106011000)

I did not need a glow pin/plug but had them look up the part # anyway. Also, I will not be using the o-ring either.
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