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Originally Posted by tigreguy View Post
I posted 2 times and never heard a word. Personally a chat room would prove to be very useful especially if it was monitored by a mechanic or someone with knowledge of sprinters not someone who would need to check and get back. I use to own a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD diesel and their chat rooms were awesome. I do not belong any longer because someone decided to total my truck.
These are my suggestions hope they make sense and a chat room will be created.

Thank you
I moved your post to the T1N section. This one...

The thing about a "chat room" or a one-on-one with some expert on a matter is that no one person has all the answers. Yes, there is Dr. A (which you could call and have a one-on-one over the phone. Much easier talking than typing), but I would try getting answers from the Sprinter community on a whole before talking to the Dr.

You'd be surprised at how knowledgeable the community as a whole is. A lot of them have gone through the same issues.
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