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Default Re: Tank-A Re-purposed Van build - Input Appreciated

Originally Posted by billintomahawk View Post
Rustoleum all the way.

Wheels too.

Very little prep.
Washed with detergent and well rinsed, may have used a sponge mop to get up high.

Only use this Rustoleum enamel. Do not use the acrylics, they dry to fast to level well.

Tape with this, it's expensive but very worth it.

Use a good brush.
2 1/2 inch or so.

Do it once, don't go back. Do a second coat, it will go fast.

Shade and no wind are your friends.

I am inspired by this info for my own refitting. I have closely looked at every picture in this thread and am amazed at the quality of your paint job that was done with BRUSH. I think my dream of a desert tan Sprinter Westfalia with a white roof may just have become a reality with Rustoleum Enamel.

PS. Love the woodstove too...nothing makes a place feel more like a "home" than a hearth
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