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Default Re: Tank-A Re-purposed Van build - Input Appreciated

So just a follow up.
I wanted to attach this thread.

Very good information on general electrical theory with excellent practical ideas on wiring and charging(and fuses).

As with all things the proof is in the use and so I find myself in Colorado having made the jump from Wisconsin to Aspen to Boulder to Fort Collins and now in Great sand Dunes National Park headed for Silver City New Mexico.

20-24 mpg and great power in the mountains with the Green Diesel Engineering tune.

All is well and the rig travels very well.
The refrigerator is wonderful, cabin lights work, the bug screen keeps the mosquito at bay.

I'll post a couple of action shots from the road.

I've kicked out a couple of codes relating to the ABS system but they aren't related to the build and I'll go after them over on the T1N talk forum.

I should add I still need a propane locker but the other issues were resolved with careful work and tight connections.
The refrigerator installation is a huge success and I love having fresh foods.

Peace brothers and sisters where ever you are and thank you for the forum.

bill in tomahawk
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Tank, the repurposed van

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