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Default Re: Tank-A Re-purposed Van build - Input Appreciated

The wiring is done now.
I had to go Russian to get the lights in.
Solar system at 100 watts fully functional and feeding the house battery directly. It will charge the vehicle battery in an emergenccy when switched. The house battery will start the engine should it be necessary as you can see from the wiring diagram(dead/weak vehicle battery. Solar panel is charge controlled.

That is really the beauty of this simple system. Simple but so versatile, even life saving.

For interior lights four kinds.
12V LED powered by house battery
Battery pack light over burner
AAA remote control
OEM cargo lights powered by vehicle battery

Full Sine wave inverter 600 watts will run 120V chargers/phone charger/USB.

...The control center...

Four circuits. All fused 10 Amp as yu can see.
Overhead fan
Refrigerator cooling fan
Propane alarm
House lights

2002 T1N Freightliner
OM 612 2.7L
Transporter 1 Neu 154HP
2500 140"WB, low top
Tank, the repurposed van

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