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Default Re: No turning back now

I couldnít get the high current dc cables out from behind the black tank and Iím proceeding with the Thetford cassette toilet conversion. I miscalculated and cut shower pan shorter than I like even though I measured twice. Seems the front was tilting out some because it was stuck at the side walls (itís a tight fit). I have recovered by using the removed section material to create the side curves and dam. I also used the discarded material to fill in the big semicircle and sandwiched it between polyethylene/heavy weave fiberglass on the back and fine weave on the top side. Still have a ways to go to smooth everything up to westfalia standards but getting there. I likely wouldnít have started it without seeing Autocampís blog first.
Iím hopeful I can still use the existing power wire that fed the old toilet.
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