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Default Re: Replacing Propane detector

If you can't splice existing wires bec. one wire is disconnected and inaccessible and if you can't fish connector out, then couple of possible options (guessing).

1. The wires might be accessible from the rear doors if you remove the black tank plywood/laminate surround (just unscrews). Behind the black tank, there are lots of wires and possibly the propane detector wires. There is a metal or plastic cover for most of the wiring which you may have to remove to see all the wiring.

But, access is extremely difficult without removing the black tank. If you decide to go that route, there are other postings here on how to remove but huge hassle.

2. If you can figure out which wires are for the propane detector, you could run new wires to same or different location. Although propane detectors are hardwired, it might be nice to be able to disconnect.

Places to look for the wires are behind the kitchen cabinet (sink drain has hole in back of cabinet), off the 12v switch, and off the 12v fuse block.

3. Depstech Wireless Endoscope

I bought a Depstech flexible camera from Amazon. About $30. Comes with various attachments including a grabber or hook.

I'd buy one of those first to fish around the propane detector hole to find the wires. If that doesn't work, then still use Depstech to fish behind the black tank.

Lots of different ones. Think I got this one (and have no idea how the different ones differ):

Please post whatever you find and do. Thanks.

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