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Default Re: No turning back now

1. Autocamp Blog

Switch to web format (not mobile) for search function.

2. AC

Adolphus, please post whatever you figure out and do. I and other Westy owners may follow.

The following is just guessing so proceed with caution.

150 Amp Fuse Next to Engine Battery:

I believe the existing Air Conditioner setup bypasses the coach batteries. So coach batteries should charge from shorepower or engine alternator without the 150 amp fuse which I'm assuming is for the Kerstner air conditioner (But please tell us what you figure out).

Onan Power Feed Cord:

The Onan generator output should go to an automatic transfer switch behind the alternating current breakers. Have never seen in person but am guessing Airstream had to put one there to prevent conflict between shorepower and generator output. (Other RVs use a single power cord to plug into either shorepower or into the generator so no conflict.)

The Honda generator has less output than the Onan. If you use the existing power cord from the Onan into the auto transfer switch, then you'd be powering the entire Westy which may be too much (remember that the Westy battery charger uses power automatically unless you switch off the circuit breaker, so you'd have to watch the cumulative loads).

Don't remember how Autocamp did.

12v DC Air Conditioner Cables:

12v Cables: I'd suggest removing any wires rather than leaving "unknown" wires for later (like those weird mysterious disconnected cable tv or coaxial wires). Don't think thise wires used for anything else. Of course, all wires should be disconnected from any power (so not live) and capped off.

But, now might be the time to run some solar panel wires for the future as the upper cabinet is out.

Don't have any info but hopefully Autocamp and others with experience and expertise do.


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