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Default No turning back now

After reading autocampís excellent brunnhilde blog until my eyes were blurry I got frisky and removed my Kerstner AC, convertors, and Onan generator with the plan to convert to the coleman mach 8 ac/honda eu2000i approach. I pulled up the orange Romex cable feed from the Onan and left it safely curled it up until I figure out what to do next. When I removed the two overhead cabinets I pushed the two heavy dc black cables from the Kerstner behind the vent cabinet (almost) back into the cavity. I'm over my head with regard to electrical connections and have some questions:

Would it be prudent to push these black cables all the way into the cavity so I can reattach the vent cabinet (the one with the tambour door) back on with the expectation that I could clean up and remove these cables at a later date from down below?

Would the orange cable be a good approach to feeding power from a honda generator into the van?

Do the cabin batteries still charge with the 150 A fuse pulled from under the hood?

Anyone interested in the Kerstner?
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