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Default Re: Owner Experience

Thanks for the link Thenkler, I think those pics just made my decision to go with the Winnebago 24D. That table setup is disappointing coming from Tiffin. Looks like they tried to just throw something together quick to compete without putting much thought into the design and use of the space when the bed is up. One of the reasons for a Murphy bed it to be able to utilize the space when the bed is up. I think LTV has the best looking design/use of the Murphy bed but I also need the overhead bed that LTV doesn't offer. I'm not real pleased with the looks of the legs on the Winnebago bed when it's up, that's also a design fail. I can probably redesign the leg set up on the Winnebago, but at least they have a couch in place when the bed is up.

It's a bummer, I was leaning toward the Tiffin since it already came with so much standard.
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