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Originally Posted by jdcaples View Post
I don't know much about transmission parts; I have heard that the fluid becomes contaminated with materials which are worn off. Are all fluid contaminants iron particles, or are some non-ferrous?

If some particles are non-ferrous, does non-ferrous pollution contribute to or accellerate shedding of iron from the rotating and friction elements?

If the fluid were polished using a bypass filter, could this iron contamination effect be retarded - plumbing concerns aside.

Since there is no combustion of fuel taking place-contamination of transmission fluid is limited to internal wear of components, and atmospheric moisture( We are assuming, of course, that there are no coolant leaks in the radiator mounted trans cooler and that you have a tight seal on your trans dipstick tube cap).

The internal contamination is both metallic (bearings, gears, and metal surfaces friction materials act against) and non metallic(primarily from friction linings). There may well be metallic constituents of the friction linings as well-I still need to take the time to cut open a tossed torque converter and inspect the torque converter clutch linings and the surface they act against.

Any form of contamination (material) will likely accelerate wear and the shedding of ferrous particles- that's why the transmission employs a filter. Will an auxiliary filter make a significant impact on wear reduction? I guess that's really a question of hardware availability, expense, design criteria(avoiding leaks, pressure drops + preventing catastrophic reduction of flow rates when contaminated)-those kinds of things. Rational fluid and filter change intervals, keeping track of leaks and repairing them, watching fluid level, using the correct spec fluid and responsible driving techniques are the best things you can now be doing to safeguard your investment. Doktor A
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