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Default Differential Rear End and other Fluid History

A bit of T1N Differential fluid history from another thread.

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Gotta love oil threads.


My 2004 Operator Manual specifies this:


It didn't change for 2006. Still MB235.0


I have read official MB literature where MB specifically states that the Operator Manual which came with the vehicle is always in effect.
(That said, at one time the manuals advocated a one time and done automatic transmission fluid change. Does anyone follow that anymore?)

Added Reference:
Unfortunately Sprinters don't seem to be included on the drop down selections.

So by the above 2004/2006 manual, MB235.0 will always be good [for my 2004/2006].

The Shell Spirax MB 90 product mentioned in the 2004 manual doesn't claim to be synthetic.

MB235.0 Spec
Not all of the MB235.0 differential fluids listed are synthetic. There are various viscosities.

MB235.8 was mentioned previously as approved for Sprinters.
Not all of the MB235.8 differential fluids listed are synthetic. There is one viscosity. 75W-90.

Another thread had me looking back into BeVo. The synthetic gear oil sheet caught my eye.

In BeVo synthetic gear oil has a category.
(Synthetic gear oils (SAE 75W-85W, Specification 235.4)

I am not saying to not use a synthetic gear oil in your transmission oops... differential.

For a T1N, I see nothing in BeVo that would support that only synthetic lube needs be used in a Sprinter differential.

My point?
If you have refilled your differential with a good quality GL5 hypoid gear oil which is not synthetic, there is no reason to worry or panic. A conventional gear oil should probably be changed on a more conservative OCI vs a synthetic, but using a quality conventional gear oil instead of synthetic won't grenade your differential. My guess is that there are many, many Sprinters owned by people who don't frequent Sprinter forums or use dealership service which are filled with Mobil 1 85w-90 or other non-MB approved fluid and doing fine.

75W-140 viscosity was listed for the early T1N differentials. It does say synthetic.


It could be argued that the reduction in newer models to 75W-90 was directly related to meeting mpg/emissions regulations. If that is true, it would follow that synthetic 75W-140 is ok for other year T1N's. (Some owners do already report using 75W-140.)

Attachment 104947

Brake Fluid

An aside.
Note that in the 2002 manual DOT 4 brake fluid is listed as correct, not DOT 4+.
Because the original MB Operator Manual ALWAYS applies, DOT 4 brake fluid is appropriate to use in the earlier model NAS aka NAFTA T1N's. (I have read where some of the DOT 4+ formulations are more susceptible to picking up water vs DOT 4 so 4+ needs more frequent maintenance changes. The 4+ dry boiling point starts higher, but tumbles more quickly. I use DOT 4.)

Still can't decide what is best for your rear???
Then purchase differential fluid from a Mercede$ Dealer$hip, or follow what Dennis posted below for Mobil 1 synthetic.

Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
Simply go into an autoparts store/Wallyworld and purchase 3 qrt bottles 75/90 Mobil 1 SYNTHETIC [#104361] gear oil and then it will be like a Tacoma.
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