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Default Re: 2017 4x4 Build Out - Grey Escape

Yeah too late at this point! Maybe on the next wife really hates it when I say that.

The magnetic strip on the bed panels was a mistake so I took it off and ordered some adhesive felt. I think they need to slide easily for moving around. The thumb screws do fine to secure them.

I had made 6mm panels for the upper rear doors. I realized they would be inadequate for the speakers and LEDs so I made some out of 3/4 and routed a nice radius on them. I needed to space the speaker out so I printed an adapter.

The rear LEDs will be switched at the door so I designed and printed a replacement cover for one of the rear pillar openings. It is sized for a Blue Sea Contura switch.

I am currently tacking the upper cabinets together. Hope to have them welded and mounting finalized soon.
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