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Default Re: Is Advanced-RV now offering the shorter 2500 Sprinter 144" wheelbase?

I was just at Advanced RV this week. They have no definite plans to introduce a 144" WB model Sprinter anytime soon. This was a one-off that has inspired an active RV. They plan to introduce a MB Metris Van conversion with a poptop roof aimed for the active crowd. It won't be customizable like their Sprinters because they hope to keep the cost down to attract families and Millennials.

Saying that, they are a company that can change on dime, so never say never. I advanced the idea of a short Sprinter as my next RV. I too was inspired by the CS-Reisemobile offerings. I saw a DUO in Canada on the Alaska Highway I liked and have been thinking about the possibilities ever since. I would have to design my own and convince them to build it. They executed my articulating bed concept and have built many more. Just maybe. But I would first have to convince my wife. :)
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