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Originally Posted by jdcaples View Post
Thanks for the excellent write-up, Doktor A.

What is the source of the contamination? Is this entirely T1N-specific, or all Nag1-transmissions?

Would the system benefit from additional filtration, like a by-pass filter on the trans-cooler lines?

The contamination we're most concerned with are the minute ferrous filings that can accumulate on and disrupt functioning of -the speed sensors(curiously- one in particular).

These sensors are very strong magnets and protrude directly into the trans housing chamber where all the rotating elements and friction elements are housed. The torque converter with its "lock-up"(slip mode most of the time) clutch are also prime suspects in shedding fine ferrous hairs.

There is a small, weak, magnetized grid "dropped" into the sump but these sensors are unfortunately much more effective in picking up these filings(and not by design).

This is not T1N specific. The NAG1 in the new generation has a V6 specific bellhousing but it's still an NAG1.

Filtration has benefits but also its risks-quality and integrity of plumbing and hardware being the ones I would be most concerned about. Doktor A
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