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Default Re: O'Regan's, Halifax, NS (Dealership)

Just remembered that I did not respond to this much earlier post:


Only some Dodge dealerships are listed because we cannot get a firm idea on which dealerships can still service Sprinters. MB doesn't list them. The few Dodge dealerships that decided to continue working on Sprinters came to to be listed.

That's good news about O'Regans. Hopefully you will have good luck with them (again) and post your experience.


[quote=bobmac]Thanks for that Seek. I realized after I sent the msg that you are the initiator/owner of the forum. Good work.

Back in NS I worked for awhile with one of the O'Regans. He since joined the family auto business. He's one of the few 'used car salesmen' I'd trust, so I'm trying to contact him to determine their expertise. If MB recommend them they may be good. I used a Dodge dealer in Halifax and was not impressed with them. Had the tools but not the know-how. Since they are not on your list, I presume MB has not recommended them.


I can't say anything positive unfortunately.

I went to them with a noisy serpentine belt. I paid $114.94 for a diagnosis. Parts were ordered. I then paid $350.77 for a belt and tensioner replacement.

Next summer while I was in the western US the noise returned. I had it repaired in Boise Idaho where they told me the earlier shop (O'Regans) had replaced the wrong part. For another USD804.76 they replaced the alternator clutch pulley which was the real culprit, as well as replacing the belt again.

I suppose it could happen anywhere. It's primarily a case of inexperience with Sprinters I would assume. I raised the issue with Mercedes but as expected I did not receive a response from M-B or O'Regans. Buyer beware.

I had an M-B shop in Massachusetts break off a glow plug this year which had not failed. They guesstimate about $800 to extract it. My friend there was reluctant to leave it with them any longer and I'm reluctant to take it to O'Regans.
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