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Default Noblemercedes warning: Change Turbo Inlet Seal every time disturbed

Thanks goes to Noblemercedes.

Official Information from Mercedes.

NCV3 OM642 V6 Engine

Originally Posted by Mercedes Document
NOTE: The clean air line seal to the turbocharger must be replaced each time the connection is
released. Deformed or damaged boots must also be replaced.
The original thread is here.

Turbo inlet seal bulletin

906intake seal bulletin.pdf


A MB tip for proper installation. Thanks goes to Mikeme.

Originally Posted by mikeme View Post
"the seal needs to be worked into place into the female plastic part"

This, I think was the source of my problem. [Seal dislodged and damaged turbo.]

I got my hands on some (probably bootleg) MB tech data, and there is a note:

The sealing ring must be inserted into the air intake hose first, to ensure that the sealing ring is not crushed. Parts of the crushed sealing ring may otherwise be sucked into the compressor wheel of the turbocharger severely damaged.
The raw text from the PDF above.

"Date: April 6, 2013
Order No.: V-B-09.00/01
Group: 09
SUBJECT: MY-All, Model 906 with Engine 642
Operations in Clean Air Line Area
When working around or in the clean air line area, or when replacing it, the seals and boots for the
clean air line must be checked for damage or incorrect mounting.
Damaged mounting can lead to:
• Engine diagnosis warning lamp lights up
• Engine has low output, switches to limp-home, emits blue smoke
• Damage to turbocharger
• Engine damage

NOTE: The clean air line seal to the turbocharger must be replaced each time the connection is
released. Deformed or damaged boots must also be replaced.
Incorrect mounting will result in complaints about engine running characteristics.
Under certain circumstances, damaged or deformed seals on the clean air line can allow dirt and
foreign matter in and damage the engine.
The specified torque of 3Nm for mounting the clean air line to the compressor section of the
turbocharger must be followed. In the event of a complaint, check the seals and boots of the clean
air line for correct seating and signs of damage. Always document these instances with pictures.
Warranty and goodwill claims for engine damage that has been caused by incorrect mounting of
the clean air line, will be rejected.
When working on a vehicle where the clean air line/air filter box needs to be moved, do not rotate
the clean air assembly while affixed to the turbocharge. This will damage the seal on the
turbocharger. Ensure that the clean air assembly is removed completely."
This bulletin has been created and maintained in accordance with MBUSA-SLP S423QH001, Document and Data Control, and
MBUSA-SLP S424HH001, Control of Quality Records
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