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Default Re: On the road to Navplion...Greece

Hi Don...I watch a PBS program called "Rick Steves' Europe." (Watching right now, matter of fact...) About a week ago he ran a program about Greece, which brought back some memories.

His visit to Greece was done a couple of years ago, ...2004, maybe. He said nothing at all about any unrest, but maybe he wouldn't, I guess. I wouldn't argue the point with the lovely Mrs. Don, but heck, I'd be surprised if there were not unrest at just about any time. Note: The government was overthrown while I was there. It was about five a.m. in the morning, I had a VW van full of sleeping sailors driving to our ship from our apartments in Glyfada. We turned a corner and stopped immediately...a tank was blocking the street and we had several Greek soldiers (these were not wearing those pretty little tutu's they wear downtown!) pointing guns at us.

They told us martial law had been imposed, and ordered us back home, where we sat for three days, twiddling our thumbs and drinking Amstel beer supplied by our landlord, Bobby Stathopoulos, who owned a taverna in Glyfada. Now that was the way to sit out a war! (But our Commanding Officer wasn't too happy.)

Don, if you go, you just have to get out of Athens some way, some how. Most modern Greeks know at least some English, and they love to try it out on tourists. Their waiters leave something to be desired, though.

My visit was 1973-76.

I second Seek's wish...Good Luck and Good Trip!


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