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Default Re: Espar 7 day timer is a pain to program, so I added a remote

Originally Posted by JFloFoto View Post
I also hooked up a RF remote to my Heater Booster. Depending on range or the mood it's in, it may or may not fire it up. Been trying to figure out a way to wire an indicator light from the module to the top of the dash so I can look out from the house to make sure it's on. As you know wiring up these RF remotes takes some magic to figure out as the instructions are garbage.

Any suggestions?
The espar doesnít fire up? Or the RF fails to get the signal and doesnít turn on ?

If itís the RF, could easily add a 12v led to the output and run that to the dash.

If itís the espar, not sure if there is any indication that it is running.

Or buy expensive two way viper that will report if it got the signal
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