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Default Re: Hack in USB Charging

I changed my method for installing the USB unit in the interior light lense. I now solder the added wiring to the unit bar and switch terminal.

The modified light unit can easily be plugged into any interior light position. This particular unit was modified to provide power for my dash camera. It puts USB power up by the rear view mirror right where I needed it.



Some tips if you haven't soldered to larger pieces before.

As always when soldering clean the surfaces very well.

Use proper rosin core solder.

You'll need a decent sized solder gun or iron. A pencil type might not provide enough heat.

First apply solder to the larger part and the wire separately. This referred to as "tinning". After both parts are tinned, hold the two pieces together to melt and join them.

The above technique avoids excessive heating of the parts to be soldered. It is important to not overheat the small negative switch post or the plastic can be distorted/weakened.

If soldering isn't possible, the wire tap method I show on the beginning posts is fine. It just isn't as convenient if you ever want to move things around.

I used Solder Wick with added black shrink tube for the negative conductor. I did that mostly because it was in with the solder gun kit. It is quite flexible and easy to solder.

Not shown is the LED lamp array which I use instead of an OEM style incandescent lamp. The OEM incandescent lamps run very hot and use more power so changing to LED addresses that issue.

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