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Default Re: Hack in USB Charging

These USB outlets are the greatest providing me four years of solid performance so far. I've got two recessed into cabinets by the counter and bed. These run off the coach batteries. They are unswitched and the drain (from the blue light) is minimal (at least with solar). These outlets charge high demand items better than most gas station socket to USB adapters will.

Two matching VMs are switched using metal toggles. They make great nightlights so the switch is needed. Love the 'vintage' led readout.

Originally Posted by rollerbearing View Post
This is also one of the reasons wires shouldn't be coiled - the local heating goes up unpredictably. And it is also worth keeping in mind when hunting down wire to wire shorts. Shorts can often occur where high current carrying wires have crossed or run parallel - the heat melting the insulation. Look for those and you may find your short.
So true. On the job, I always uncoil the spare AC length and run it free to avoid the induction unknown. The heat coming off 50' of 12gauge coiled with a 15amp load is quite tangible.
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