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Default Re: Hack in USB Charging

Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
Many of the Sprinter's wiring harnesses (including and especially those in loom covers) do bring the (brown) negative wires back to a semi-central location, instead of quickly tying to the frame. Take a look at the collection on the firewall near the T1N starter battery's negative attachment.

The T1N service manuals include maps of where the ground points are located.

p.s. the headlamps do go to frame near the lamps, not far away.
..and the two "cigar sockets" ground up under the hump behind the instrument cluster
I certainly agree with you. And I expect that would have been given engineering consideration.
Just wanted to illustrate Vic's point about single conductor in free air and why a smaller gauge wire may be perfectly fine.

This is also one of the reasons wires shouldn't be coiled - the local heating goes up unpredictably. And it is also worth keeping in mind when hunting down wire to wire shorts. Shorts can often occur where high current carrying wires have crossed or run parallel - the heat melting the insulation. Look for those and you may find your short.
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