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Default Re: 2 inverters?

I am not sure where this is going but;

>I was asking about that "transformer type" qualification for battery chargers. Is that difference from "switched-mode" in any way that is relevant to the topics we are discussing?

>And I just mentioned high amp output as mainstream available units, as opposed to irrelevant examples.
I felt a qualification was necessary to exclude battery chargers that have an electrical connection primary to secondary. Switch mode chargers are becoming commonplace even the majority of mobile phone and laptop computers now have switch mode chargers so why would there not be high current ones.

>What is the point of "complete isolation"?
Compete isolation of power sources is paramount to prevent single fault interaction.

>I don't think that is very common outside specialist industrial / ICT contexts.
Isolated power sources in the marine environment is very common to reduce the problems of Galvanic corrosion.

>Do you mean no "grounding" in common between input or output?
Grounding is a grossly misused term to imply a common connection to a frame and sometimes a connection to the earth. For safety reasons, this must be a low impedance connection

>And finally, what is an "autotransformer" in this context, do you mean like 120Vac to 240Vac?
An autotransformer is one with a connection between the input and output on one side of the primary and secondary. By definition, therefore, it does not provide isolation.

> Just trying to get a handle on, if any of these topics actual pertain from a **practical** POV, within the context of my "high-efficiency KISS design" principles above.
I wholeheartedly endorse your "high-efficiency KISS design" as it provides complete electrical isolation from shore power unless a non-isolating battery charger is used.

>If they are only relevant to the context of

> the more mostly-AC, auto-switched inputs to wired outlets approach where all the complexity is required for safety, and different approaches for different code jursdictions

>then I will happily remain ignorant of their finer points.

>The relevance to the OP question "about running 2 inverters" is when handling multiple AC power sources isolation is paramount no matter how it is achieved.
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