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Default Re: 2 inverters?

I was asking about that "transformer type" qualification for battery chargers. Is that difference from "switched-mode" in any way that is relevant to the topics we are discussing?

And I just mentioned high amp output as mainstream available units, as opposed to irrelevant examples.

What is the point of "complete isolation"?

I don't think that is very common outside specialist industrial / ICT contexts.

Do you mean no "grounding" in common between input or output?

And finally, what is an "autotransformer" in this context, do you mean like 120Vac to 240Vac?

Just trying to get a handle on, if any of these topics actual pertain from a **practical** POV, within the context of my "high-efficiency KISS design" principles above.

If they are only relevant to the context of

> the more mostly-AC, auto-switched inputs to wired outlets approach where all the complexity is required for safety, and different approaches for different code jursdictions

then I will happily remain ignorant of their finer points.
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