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Originally Posted by HarryN View Post
Since you are having fun with this, I will keep throwing in additional wild conjecture ideas to kick around.

Make the inner tent using electric blankets.

Your battery is nominal 225 amp-hr x 12 volt lifeline. If we dedicate 50% of its usable capacity to heating the tent, then:

(225 amp-hrs) x (50% usable) x (50% dedicated to tent heating) = ~ 50 amp-hrs.

(50 amp-hrs) x (12 volts) ~ 600 watt-hrs.

(600 watt-hrs) / (12 hrs) ~ 50 watts of heating

Not sure what an electric blanket uses.

12 hrs gives it a chance to pre-warm the inner air a bit before going to bed.
What I have found out is the tent idea does not work. Hard for me to believe but have done enough testing to prove that temperature inside my insulated tent about matches the temperature inside the van outside of the tent. My last test was just boxing in the volume around my head. A space about 27" wide x 18" deep x 30" high. Temperature was still the same inside small tent as outside the tent. So the only value of the tent idea is making inside the tent quieter.

I have improved the method of warming the sleeping bag. Was using a Electro-Warmth $100 bunk heating pad. Have had two of them fail so looked for a better solution. Found a $30 rear seat heating pad that is better made and fits better under the sleeping bag. It has two heat levels. First put it in centered under the bag but that was too hot on the low setting. Moved it between the two self inflating camp pads that I use for a "mattress". That helped reduce the heat level. Then moved it to the head end of the platform but still between the two camp pads. That helps keep the head warm in addition to the balaclava. The problem is not keeping the body warm, it is keeping my head warm. Might reduce the seat heater output by adding a cycling timer to cycle the seat heater power on/off.
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