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Default Did ARV make another Solar Womp?

Originally Posted by Davydd View Post
I seriously doubt it is Solar Womp, but it looks like it might be an Advanced RV based on the nerf bar skirts and the back hitch step bumper they use.

After reading a few more comments on the Facebook group I'm more convinced it was Womp. This is another comment by original owner before he sold it.

"I know many people are turned off by SolarWOMP's lack of windows... so I am happy to share that ARV has quoted me $1200-1500 to install REAR side windows. This would be the rear 48" section on both side of the sofabed.
So for anyone in the market for a used ARV, now the only thing "strange" about mine is the extreme solar and multi-part cooling."

The original owner also replied back and forth with a women on the Facebook group who said she would buy it after it was mentioned that Advanced RV agreed to change the interior free of charge for the new owner.

Edit: I should add that I really hate the way conversations flow on Facebook - makes it hard to following anything unless you are on Facebook every day - which I'm NOT!
-- Mike
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