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Default 2009 sprinter 315 ex Ambo, advise appreciated

Hello everyone from Boya, Perth. We are new and hope to add to this community
The story so far

Thu- Well after months at the auctions, we finally go one, held the bid
Drove it home with a permit, engine light comes on putting the engine into emergency mode, make it home, battery is kaput so replaced it and no more engine light

Friday- sprinter booked in for licensing. On the way engine light come on again Spoke to mechanic and he said he would look into it. Three hours later, pass inspection and no more engine light was told that, turbo charger under boost and system scanned and cleared.

Then 1km down the road the engine light comes on and it's back to safety mode

So looking for someone to help, but don't know where to start, MB dealer, Auto electrician or Mechanic, any advice appreciated

David, Gabi and the dogs
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