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Default Re: What do you think of the Advanced RV Sprinter?


EcOasis: Electrical Power and Charging System

Advanced RV does mention the second alternator as in engine alternators in their EcOasis write up for off-grid capability. Also this article did briefly allude to installing a propane generator if desired. Mike N said the second alternator was a standard now. There is no mention of a diesel generator. Uncle Dave was asking because of your original quote saying a diesel generator was an option.

I've requested casual use of air conditioning such as stopping for lunch with the cat in the van. We think 4 lithium batteries along with solar will cover that and would probably let us live off-grid indefinitely and have full AC electrical (coffee pot, induction cooktop, microwave, outlets) use of our B without, of course, the constant air conditioning. We don't plan to use our air conditioning much or travel in climates that would require it. If we did, shore power would be sought. Last week we were in 90 degree weather and the ceiling Fantastic (MaxxAir) fan with 5 vented windows did the job during a lunch stop. We are going with auto start and no propane generator. We will be getting that second alternator but I am still not sure how it functions in the setup.
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