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Default Re: New Advanced RV Being Built

Originally Posted by atulin View Post
That charge rate actually sounds about right, but it's the alternator not the batteries limiting the charging at the that discharge level. With the boost mode off on my sterling unit total alternator output at 1200rpm is around 150 amps when my bank is around 75% unless something like the roof AC is running to really bring down the voltage the alternator is seeing. The basic sprinter setup with the dash AC running draws about 25 to 50amps with it being closer to 50 right after start up so you would need to subtract that from the total before it gets to your bank. I would also wonder what they used for wire to the bank as I'm betting it could be a little small to save money.
Makes sense.

When 90 is a bit under half the alternators total output and you have multiple circuits to feed.

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