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Default Re: New Advanced RV Being Built

Originally Posted by Diamondsea View Post
On my Advanced I can run the A/C for short periods from the batteries then refill them from the engine. I believe that all their RVs to date only use the single up-grade 220 amp alternator from Mercedes. Realistically my 4 AGMs seem to only be able to accept charge at a 90 amp rate when half discharged. Lithium batteries would be a huge advantage as they can be more deeply discharged and accept charge faster. They are an evolving technology and very expensive now. Advanced is exploring the possibility of a second alternator with auto engine start but all takes approval from Mercedes. Batteries can only accept charge at certain rates so big/second alternators are only good if the type and size of the batteries can accept high amp charging rates.
Something seems amiss,

I have 3 rigs with AGM's (a boat, a Sprinter, and an RV) and all can take whatever amps I can give them till about 90% then they taper off.

You should be able to absorb 80% of the face capacity of each one with no issues whatsoever.
Multiplied by 4 thats going to be a lot of amps. Maybe your charger has some limitation?

This rig seems to be very well built and engineered until I need to run AC all night. Then it seems compromised with a small AC unit and limited run time before firing the Sprinter up.

Maybe this functionality matters little to you.

Im surprise they did not fit a second alternator - one could power the AC and one could charge.

Whose inverter are are you using?


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