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Default Re: New Advanced RV Being Built

Originally Posted by Diamondsea View Post
First -- to answer questions that have been asked: The batteries are Concord Lifeline Model 31XT. I have 4 AGMs. To run air conditioning off the batteries probably requires 6 lithium batteries as they can be, I think, more deeply discharged without shorting life..
It would depend on what you have for an AC unit. I have twice the battery bank you do but still AGM and I can run my Mach 3 PS for a few hours along with a bunch of other stuff.

If they're saying you can't run the AC off just batteries does that mean the engine has to run the whole time you want AC if you're not plugged in?

Originally Posted by Diamondsea View Post
The two days at the factory were intense. Although I had pre-studied some manuals and although I am familiar with the Sprinters the learning curve for this old man was and still is steep. All the folks were fantastic and everyone who was needed was available for as much time as I needed. Mike (the "leader") and technical/production people of all skills were available to tutor me. No one minded if I asked the same question more than once. The item most difficult to master is the Silver Leaf computer/control touch screen system that runs everything. It controls and monitors (with alarms settable for all desired levels) things like batteries, tank levels, climate controls (air conditioning/heat) --- you name it, Silver Leaf runs it! Automatic water tank fill was an interesting feature. The neatest thing is the automatic engine start with advance to fast idle for running the 220 amp alternator. At the moment Mercedes is limiting that to 45 minutes at a time, but it can be repeated as necessary. Everything is interlocked via Silver Leaf. For example the engine will not auto start unless the tranny is in park and the parking brake is on. There are many minor systems to master such as outside motion detector photocell lights and six wheel tire monitoring system. The Espar heating/hot water system controlled by Silver Leaf takes some understanding as it is all automatic if desired, but one does not want to run the burner if shore power is available. The built-in shore power "surge protector" analyses the income power for stability for 2.5 minutes before completing the connection!
Are you sure they are only using the factory alternator for charging? I thought they had a second one installed on those. Even with something like the sterling alternator to battery charging unit I have on mine if they are using a higher draw roof unit that is not really a sustainable system with a 100% duty cycle on the AC. It only sort of works for me and I'm pulling more out of the alternator and plugging in every night.

If you plan to be without shore power much I would go buy a small generator to save your motor and fuel.
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