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Default Re: Replacement of front brake pads and rotor

Trying to sort everything out before I start replacing the front brakes.

In doing research, one item that should be lubed is the "caliper slider pins" (referenced in this thread, as well as elsewhere). It is not clear based on all this write-up where they are. Looking at other brake repair info online, it seems they are installed in the caliper bracket, and the "guide bolts" would screw into them.......? But I may be misunderstanding something.

Do the Bosch front brakes on the T1N have these slider pins? And if so, should they be removed, cleaned, lubed, and re-inserted.....?

Are the "guide bolts" the slider pins in this application, and in turn, they should be lubed when re-installing?

If anyone has a photo, that would be a huge help.

Thanks! (and sorry if this is a stupid question)

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