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2017 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
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Default Re: Unity Mb shower skylight yellowish

Originally Posted by Normand View Post
You are right , the yellowing is in depth. I thought that the same type of "plastic" was used with the shower skylight but the one in the living area, that can be opened, remained colorless. Now I need to investigate whom manufacture it but accordingly to LTV it is a good job to replace it. They are screwed and Dicor502 on it.
There could be different plastics used because all manufacturers make a decision. I agree it's dumb to NOT choose one that doesn't yellow. With Lexan (polycarbonate) it can be avoided by the manufacturer of the sheet pretreating it with a special UV coating, or adding UV inhibitors when it's made. Nearly all plastics get brittle with exposure to UV (especially vinyl windows). It's just the nature of the beast.

You may have butyrate in that shower. That will definitely yellow and about the only thing you can do is replace it. You can however, try the kit someone mentioned -- for restoring headlights. If you get lucky, that's the easiest fix.

Are you sure it was not tinted yellow in the beginning -- sort of a UV-blocking treatment or to cut down the heat during the Summer?

And a final thought -- does it bother you so much that an expensive repair is worth it? I cover mine from the inside with a Reflectix insert to control heat this time of year. So I wouldn't see it every day, anyway.
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