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Default Re: I Removed and Replaced Six Glowplugs successfully.

That's one hell of a first post Duc_pilot. Great job -- and right on time! I'm getting ready to replace all 6 glow plugs in my 2008 Sprinter.

I'm glad I read your post because I was thinking all I'd need is the plugs.

What year is your Sprinter?

Any guess as to why connectors 1-3 were OK and 4-6 needed to be replaced? That seems odd.

Where did you purchase the connectors?

Were the special pliers necessary? Which brand did you buy?

Did you end up using the special glow plug swivel socket?

As an alternative to the swivel socket, I'm hoping a deep well, 6 point socket with a universal joint (if necessary) will work.

Which glow plugs did you use? I'm considering these from Bosch, $70 for 6 each:

I am glad to hear you had good luck with a cold engine. I was wondering the same thing -- by the time everything is removed to expose the connectors; then the connectors are removed (hopefully easily, but as your experience shows -- not always); then any dirt/debris is blown out from around the plugs; PB Blaster is applied and allowed to soak, the engine will be cold.

I plan to use a small (not very powerful) cordless Ryobi impact driver to loosen up the plugs, if moderate torque with a wrench doesn't do it.

Thank you for taking the time to post photos.
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