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Default Re: Painted the seat pedestals

Thanks for the compliments. The color is (inappropriately) called aged iron. This stuff goes on thick so it took almost 4 cans for each pedestal.

I had the floor and the lower portion of the interior skin Rhino Lined. I found that water comes in past the clips that hold the trim on the side of the van so I had the holes for those sealed. Jack's Body Shop did the work.

My plan is to fill the floor channels with rubber strips and then put down a full layer of 1/4" thick rubber mat from Oregon Rubber Mat. Some kind of thin harder floor will go over that. The Rhino Lining is a nice working surface in the mean time.

That's my sub box/work bench and a Coleman camp chair where I sit and think about what all I left to do, lol.

2010 MB 3500 RV conversion.

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