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Default Cant work this one out

Can anyone shed any light or offer some advice if you've time.

In Aus with a 904 Sprinter 612.981.

My turbo boost works much better on a cool morning or evening than in the middle of a hot day, where the boost performance drops off guesstimation of up to 40%

I have a boost guage mounted on the dash.

Ive checked the wires of both boost temp and pressure sensors and all five wires have no earth leaks and have no breaks / open circuits.

The temp sensor resistance is responsive to temperature change (bic lighter) and 5volts at the supply.

The boost sensor has 5 volts at the supply both return variables have voltage fluctuation measured with a digital meter when rpm varies.

Can anyone comment on any possible calibrations / codings for the boost controls including the sensors and or vacuum solenoid.

And if so does one need a trip to a Dealer for their diagnostics gear.


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