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Default Re: Removing the electric step

I have also removed my OEM electric step and was presented with the buzzers and dash warnings.

I tried the 2 different jumpers suggested by ptheland and was not happy with either one (you either have to put up with the sliding door open buzzer or the dash lights and beeping...).

Next I unplugged my PSM. This also does not yield a complete result. The sliding door buzzer and the dash beeping are gone, but there is still a red warning about the step on the dash when you first turn on the van (image attached). But there is no beeping of any kind, and the red warning goes away after you start up the van and get on the road. I'm sticking with this "fix" for the time being as it is the least annoying.

I think the only way to shut this whole thing down may be to take it to the dealer to have the step deleted from the van's computer. Or maybe try to wire up ptheland's circuit with the relays to simulate the step.

Anyone have any other bright ideas?

BTW, the PSM is easy to unplug, once you pull it out of the rail that is holding it:

1. Pull the driver's seat all the way forward and lift the foam cover under there. Locate the PSM under the driver's seat. It's a black box slightly larger than a pack of cards and is on the first raised rail all the way to the left of the rail.

2. There are 2 tabs on either side of the PSM that you have to push away from you (if you are facing the back of the driver's seat). These are best released with a small screwdriver as the space is tight for getting your fingers in there.

3. Simultaneously push the 2 tabs and pull up on the PSM and it should pull straight up and out.

4. You can now more easily unplug it by pushing the locking tabs on the 2 connectors and pulling the connectors out.
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