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Default Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!

We placed our order for a 2014 Era the first of November. We were originally told the RV would be ready to pick up around the first or second week of December. We found out a week ago that our schedule has slipped and it will be early January before our Era will be ready. Fine with me, we had no travel plans over the holidays anyway, so better it sits up in Iowa rather than my driveway until after New Years! The really good news (I think) is the reason for the delay; apparently, the factory is switching over to the 2014 Mercedes Sprinter chassis which has caused all the current orders to slip. so it seems my 2014 Era will be a 2014 through and through. Having said that, however, what does that really mean? All I know is the 2014 have a different grill and the shifter knob has the Mercedes star on it.. beyond that, not sure. Does anyone know what, if any, upgrades/enhancements/etc. have been incorporated into the new Sprinter chassis? I've also heard some rumors that Winnebago may be putting in a few mid-model year improvements themselves, but don't have any details yet. Does anybody out there have an Era built on the new 2014 Chassis? This will be our first Sprinter (In fact, it is our first RV!!!). Any useful hints and tips from anyone out there? I am particularly interested in what kind of accessories/supplies/equipment I MUST get right away to support this new toy. I've already started reading these blogs and got lots of good information and look forward to learning more as we enter this new phase in our lives.
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