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Default Re: Another Radio Code Question

My wiring diagrams for the 2006 versus 2003 don't reveal anything obvious ... here they are for comparison:
(i did NOT spend any time squinting too carefully... that's your job...)
((whoops... squinting at it did reveal different pin numbering schemes... see below))
2003 Radio:
2006 Radio:

Oooookaay.... let's look at the connector list... notice how the "A" and "B" of the 2006 connector is almost the same as the 2003's, except they list the last 8 pins on the top instead of the bottom of the table
I suspect the *positions* are the same ... except the 2006 has the K/TCM line on pin A2,
whereas the 2003 does not have any entry for "pin 10". Who knows if that's an "in" signal?
Another difference is that the radio antenna connector (not listed above) up on the ceiling has a +12v feed for the 2006, and does not have one for 2003 (perhaps the early years didn't have an antenna amplifier?)
The 2006 did not expect the radio to provide that +12v, it's wired separately (and switched by the key).

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