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Default Re: T1N 2.7 Serpentine belt install... my way.

Smooth running of the belt is what should be observed. If you noticed wobble or other tracking issues it can be signs of tensioner, idler, or other issues.

If belt wobble isn't traced to other components, it may be a sign of impending HB failure.

From the NCV3 section.

Originally Posted by tigerwillow1 View Post
I just changed the serpentine belt, and looking at everything with a fine-tooth comb I notice (at idle speed) that the belt wiggles back-and-forth a little bit on the tensioner pulley. The amount of movement is 1/16 inch at most. The tensioner bearing felt good. No movement like this over the idler pulleys. Anybody know if this is normal? Maybe a side-effect of a brand new belt? Wish I would have looked at this before pulling the old belt off.
Originally Posted by Jonesy6626 View Post
I had this issue recently, was the harmonic balancer aka crank shaft pulley.

A thought if on the road and the anti-flutter pulley is your problem. WON'T WORK!!

I went out and noticed that there is quite an angle created by the anti-flutter pulley.


Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Possible temporary operation if the upper idler anti-flutter pulley fails (the factory style OEM pulley is smooth).

The belt system should run without that anti-flutter pulley. Keeping to reasonable speeds it should work for a reasonable length of time.

I have not tried running without the pulley. If anyone decides to try emergency operation without that idler in place you should first start the engine and observe how the belt is tracking. If ok at idle try revving a bit to see how it does. My bet is that with light throttle use it will be good enough to get down the road to replacement parts or service.

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