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Arrow Sprinter Performance Upgrades

What performance upgrades are available for a 2009 Freightliner Sprinter? What upgrades have you used and what are the outcomes?
What are the costs and installation issues?

We are just purchasing our second Sprinter (trading the first in, 2008 for a 2009). Its a Class B RV, but used mostly for travel, not camping. We have put 23K miles on in the first 10 months, and wanted some more space so we moved from a PleasureWay Ascent to a Leisure Freedom II Serenity.

Now that we are in the Sprinter that we intend to keep for the long term, we would like to give the turbo-diesel some boost. The one we had, 2008 Dodge Sprinter ran well, had no issues but we would like a bit more kick if its available.

The forums have been a great source of information about all that is Sprinter, so it is clear that we need to come back here and get input from all of you.

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