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Default Re: Wiring run geography and placement question (s)

Originally Posted by IPT View Post

So, and this is just hypothetical to understand..why not put a fuse 2 inches from the battery, then the fuse box right after, and then run 30 feet of wire to the device(s) (assuming you used the calculator to determine draw and proper wire gauge for the distance of the run? Or is that what you are suggesting? In my mind (and I'm new to this) it made more sense to just run a heavy gauge wire to the fuse box and then have shorter runs.
The wire between the fuse(distribution) box and the fuse next to the battery can be any distance you like. The size of fuse is matched to this wire length and the load rating of the fuse(distribution) box.

Just to expand on the 'place fuse as close to the source' rule.... In the event that there is a fault and the fuse blows as it's intended to, the wire between the fuse and the source is still live but now has no more protection. The shorter the wire left, the less potential (pardon the pun) for further cause and effect.


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