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Default Re: Wiring run geography and placement question (s)

Originally Posted by OrioN View Post
1) The MB Aux. Battery option is designed for a 40A load/draw. Its components may not be adequate for your increased bank capacity nor load placed on it.
Thanks - That gives a good starting point and things to consider.

I don't think I'd be at 40A even with everything going at one time, but I'll need to calculate that. I may be way off since I didn't run the numbers.

Ok, found this: Amps = watts of device / potential V. Than that should equal for a single LED dome light at 3w/12V = .25A per light. Almost everything that will be powered (except the sub and cooler) are low draw LED lights. Looks like if this math is right I will have a lot of headroom.

Originally Posted by OrioN View Post
2) The rule and priority to maximize protection is to place circuit protections (fuses, breakers) as close to the power source(s) as physically possible. Sometimes this means fuses at both ends of wiring line.
So, and this is just hypothetical to understand..why not put a fuse 2 inches from the battery, then the fuse box right after, and then run 30 feet of wire to the device(s) (assuming you used the calculator to determine draw and proper wire gauge for the distance of the run? Or is that what you are suggesting? In my mind (and I'm new to this) it made more sense to just run a heavy gauge wire to the fuse box and then have shorter runs.
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