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Default Wiring run – geography and placement question (s)

Currently I have just the stock Aux battery. I will most likely move to the RB components dual 6 Volt because as I understand it, it double the amp hr capacity. So I hope to use the stock wiring mostly and will have someone tap into the Aux line under the seat and run it to a Blue Sea 12 circuit breaker. I’ll do the runs from there.

The question is the best placement for the breaker. The intention is to get the power via a larger guage wire to the best place to make runs from with the least wire. The other challenge is it is a passenger van so I need to decide how to get the power from down below to up top where needed.

I’ll have the control panel if you will in the overhead cabinet just behind the second row.
Here all of what I intend to run/power:
1 - From control panel in overhead cabinet behind second row-
A - switches for multiple circuits of overhead lights, and under cabinet lights. Lots of runs, low power
overall. Some LED strips, 3v LED domes, some red some white (different channels.
B - Also I would like to place the Espar controller here is the wiring (distance) will allow.
2 – two rear door lights – switches will be in D pillar
3 – Max Airre fan –rear mount
4 – maybe a USB charging station or two in the rear, one by the 2nd row.
5 – maybe a 12V water pump in the rear passenger side area. Although there is the stock 12V cig power
there already – might not need it.
6 – down low near the second or 4rd row power for a Dometic cooler – 96L maybe?
7 – power for a mild subwoofer probably in wall by 2nd or 3 rd row.

I figure the best place for the breaker is maybe near the rear wheel well where most seem to put it. Possibly behind the driver seat on the wall. Or, up in the cabinets behind the switches. Seems like the only real way to go up without much struggle would be the B or D pillar.

I am open to (and welcome) thoughts and comments based on your experience and knowledge!
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